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Radio Educational Campaign - Autumn 2016

New educational campaign focuses on preventing gum disease

 The Ordre des dentistes du Québec is launching a radio educational campaign today to boost public awareness of the importance of prevention in treating gum disease.

 Gum disease is the most frequent oral health problem in adults and the elderly. In addition, more and more studies have shown links between gum disease and other illnesses, including cardiovascular and respiratory disorders.

 The campaign targets adults ages 35 and over, with two radio messages in French and in English to be broadcast over a four-week period. The messages, in the form of “Did you know?” questions, invite listeners to consult the maboucheensante.com website, where they can watch two video clips with more information.

To hear the radio spots, click on the link below.

French radio spots

Problèmes de santé

Maladies des gencives

English radio spots

Overall health

Gum disease

To watch the video clips, on the link below.

French video clips

Problèmes de santé reliés aux maladies parodontales

Les maladies parodontales

English video clips

Health problems related to gum disease

Periodontal disease